Saturday, 29 January 2011

When will I find the one?

Hands up if you thought you had found THE ONE???

I've done this THREE times over! I'm only 24 years of age, is that a bit mad?

So now we're going to do a bit of digging into my past - this is the fun bit :)

Let's start by giving you the lowdown on my three 'The one's'

Number one:
Time together - 3 sweet years
Let's call him 'R' well what can I say he was a lovely guy, not the greatest looker but had a heart of gold to some extent.  We spent 3 mostly happy years together now to some of you this is nothing but 3 years when compared to all of my past relationships is a long time for me...He was my first love, I wanted babies with him, I would have left my family and friends to spend my life with him...that was until something in my head told me that I just didn't love him the way I used to? We had our problems one BIG problem (more of this in later posts) but when I look back on this relationship compared to the relationships that followed I question if I threw away something that I may never find again?

Number two:
Time together - around a year (to include 2 break ups!)
This is 'A' me and 'A' started as F* Buddies after one drunken night together - now I don't know if this made me more attracted to him because I knew I couldn't have him as a boyfriend that I longed for? We soon became boyfriend and girlfriend but 'A' had different views to me on the whole relationship thing.  He thought it was acceptable to see me once every two weeks, I never did question what he might have been doing on the days that I was not around - I was too infatuated with him.  Needless to say this ended just as quick as it began.

Number three:
Well what can I say about number 3, as I even start to think about number 3, the tears are rolling down my face, if you haven't already guessed it number 3 is my most recent lover.  When we met something felt different, I didn't chase this guy, he chased me.  I couldn't care if I wasn't going to see him once in two weeks! Now how the tables have turned, it's hard to comment on this relationship as I am so fresh out of it, all I know now though is that it feels like number 3 is my only true love....

This has got me thinking is there such a thing as 'The one' and if I take my experiences into account, why have I already had 3 of these in my life? Is it just a spur of the moment thing? Can anyone become 'The one' or does it take someone really special to fill this place in our lives?

Comments welcome x

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