Sunday, 30 January 2011

No contact

So it's only been one week since no contact with 'D' - that's the most recent ex..although we've been split for over 2 months now we've had contact - from my previous post you'll see we did the whole ex sex thing - which I have to add did not work out in my favour - so I decided after that scenario i'm going to give the no contact thing a good go!

How do I feel?

Much better, still think about him most of my time but I know that in time it will get better and my hopes of him getting into contact are slowly dissapearing..why would he? He can have his cake and eat it when he wants.

I want to show him that the next time he decides to drunk dial me I MIGHT not pick up the phone - yes there's a might in there as I don't know if i'm quite strong enough to not pick up the phone just yet - I know in time I will be...

So if you're thinking about no contact rather than sex with the ex - I say a big YES to this! It will help so much!

S x

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