Saturday, 29 January 2011

The breakup...where did it all go wrong?

So here we are THE BREAKUP..... You are probably asking yourself where did it all go wrong? Why me? You've probably heard the words you knew were coming but just didn't want to face up to, or maybe it's a total shock to you?

I was there only 2 months ago, yes I knew it was coming, yes I tried my hardest to make things right before he said those words that I had been dreading. Secretly I was relieved that my pain and suffering were over, what kind of relationship is it when you are scared to speak for the fear of being broken up with? Obviously I questioned this everyday that we were still together but despite this could not find the courage to end the relationship myself.

In this blog I plan to help you out in your journey of the break up and share some of my experiences along the way as I am still on my journey through the break up, I still have days when all I want to do is stay in bed and wallow in my self pitty, cry down the phone to friends.  I want to share with you the methods for making such a heart breaking experience that little bit easier.

So keep reading and I promise to keep this up to date and back date through the last 2 months to give you a little insight in to my break up and help you to see that you are not alone :)

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