Saturday, 29 January 2011

EX Sex - should i?

Ex sex...hmmm sounds pretty good to me - sex with someone who knows how to press your buttons and you know how to press theirs....

SIMPLE...or is it?

Well i've done my own little bit of research on this subject for you...i've only gone and slept with the most recent ex to find out whether ex sex is good sex or nah ah sex.... we'll come to my conclusion later on!

So the ex invited me over for 'a dvd' basically code for I want one last fling with you then it really is the END

Well I had to oblige in the name of research of course (nothing to do with the fact that I was in need of some lets call it TLC) for the details...

Well it wasn't what I expected it consisted of me doing all the work not to mention getting no pleasure from the whole experience whatsoever! He couldn't even keep it going so it ended with me lets say pleasuring him!

Not what I would like to remember about the experience! On the plus side he's since seen me and told me that no one can beat my 'little expertise (we shall call it that - I wouldn't want to reveal what I do best ;0))

All in all to sum it up - it really wasn't amazing - it did bring back old feelings - not for him - just gave him the 'release' he needed ;)

Tread carefully on the sex with the ex front...never leads anywhere good and unless it's amazing sex and you are getting pleasure, what's the point!

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