Sunday, 30 January 2011

Does it affect him?

So i've been analysing the past 2 months of the break up and thinking about how it has affected me - seeing him and spending time with him, although not much time and I thought does the affect of seeing him and still being in contact with him affect him as it has done me?

I still wonder what he is doing, I still long for a text from him telling me he'd made a big mistake, I still long for his touch and his love again...

Does he ever wonder about me? Does he miss me? Does the 'Ex sex' thing affect him like it has done me? Does he wonder if we could start over again?

I've always wondered if he really does miss me, if he's just trying to act like he doesn't care to be the bigger person? I wish I could see into his head and make things easier for both of us..

I would kill for a males perspective right now!

The guy that got away?

So There's this guy that I'm certain really likes me (I've been told by his friends and my friends..) He's so kind and caring and we do get on - He honestly would be the perfect boyfriend!

BUT and this is a big BUT...I'm not over my ex, in fact i'm far from being over my ex I still think about him everyday, as sad as that sounds it's so true. I know it's all part of the process and in time things will get better but right now i'd drop everything to be back with him.

Am I wrong for not giving this guy a go? I don't find him attractive at all, yet he has all the qualities I could possibly ask for in a man and when compared to my ex i'm sure he would treat me like a princess.

What is wrong with me? should I give this guy a chance?

I feel like I have an attraction to bad boys (which is exactly what my ex is BAD) I want someone who is hard to get..

Why is this? I guess i'll never know but i've got to follow my heart and at the moment i don't think my heart could handle anything else.

So will he be that guy that got away?

No contact

So it's only been one week since no contact with 'D' - that's the most recent ex..although we've been split for over 2 months now we've had contact - from my previous post you'll see we did the whole ex sex thing - which I have to add did not work out in my favour - so I decided after that scenario i'm going to give the no contact thing a good go!

How do I feel?

Much better, still think about him most of my time but I know that in time it will get better and my hopes of him getting into contact are slowly dissapearing..why would he? He can have his cake and eat it when he wants.

I want to show him that the next time he decides to drunk dial me I MIGHT not pick up the phone - yes there's a might in there as I don't know if i'm quite strong enough to not pick up the phone just yet - I know in time I will be...

So if you're thinking about no contact rather than sex with the ex - I say a big YES to this! It will help so much!

S x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

It's all in the name of research!...

Take a look at my new poll 'Are you friends with your ex?'

Give it a click and answer - all in the name of research...

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks and I'll be commenting on being friends with an ex - send me some of your experiences and i'll feature you in the post :) x

A break up cure? Sex and The City?

So i've started watching Sex and The City since the split and I have to say it's really helped me, not to mention filled the massive gap when I have spare time on my hands :)

It helps to see that other people go through break ups - even Samantha has the mad break up with Richard..

So go on girls if you haven't already go and order yourself Sex and The City - the whole season :)

It's worked amazingly for me :)

Anyone got any break up cures that worked for them?

It's hard to be happy for a friend when you're not happy!!

So my friend has a new boyfriend - I should be happy but I can't be happy in fact i'm jealous that she has something that I dont!

Whilst she's out enjoying the 'honeymoon period' i'm sat mourning the 'break up period'!

So I got we pretend we are happy for them? Do we start shouting about the negatives of a relationship and that we know where the 'honeymoon' period will end a year down the line?

It's hard to be happy for someone when you know where it might end up going? Down the drain! Should we be positive and go along with their happy dreams and ideas of their future - just like we had many months/years ago?

For now i'm going to be positive like any good friend would but it has made me wonder - are all relationships these days heading to an unhappy ending?

No Strings Attached: How Not To Be A Friend With Benefits

No Strings Attached: How Not To Be A Friend With Benefits

Follow this advice - use it with the EX SEX too, or even if you just want/need a FWB x