Sunday, 30 January 2011

Does it affect him?

So i've been analysing the past 2 months of the break up and thinking about how it has affected me - seeing him and spending time with him, although not much time and I thought does the affect of seeing him and still being in contact with him affect him as it has done me?

I still wonder what he is doing, I still long for a text from him telling me he'd made a big mistake, I still long for his touch and his love again...

Does he ever wonder about me? Does he miss me? Does the 'Ex sex' thing affect him like it has done me? Does he wonder if we could start over again?

I've always wondered if he really does miss me, if he's just trying to act like he doesn't care to be the bigger person? I wish I could see into his head and make things easier for both of us..

I would kill for a males perspective right now!


  1. I might not be a male...but from a female point of view, not all men are pigs but most of them are, so nothing affects them.
    BTW, nice blog.

  2. Here's a guy's perspective. "Ex sex" is a terrible, terrible idea. If he's calling you for that and he knows that you're still upset by the breakup, he's being a jerk. Don't do that to yourself!

  3. I know what you mean. My ex, who I absolutely adore, is all I can think about. I am constantly comparing all my dates to him, and I know that I need to stop or I am going to end up alone. Hang in there. I hear that time is the best way to let someone go.

  4. Whether he cares or not, maybe he just knows the best way to move on is a clean break.

  5. Congrats on the DCBlogs Shoutout. New reader to your blog. I haven't read your previous posts but I don't need to. You BROKE UP FOR A REASON!!! Get some distance, regain your sanity and your heart and move on! But yeah I know its not that easy. I'm sure he thinks about you. And I'm sure he misses you. Guys have feelings. But I'm sure he's not coming back (because most don't). Take good care of yourself, T.

  6. The best cure for heartbreak is (presumably new) romance. Stop looking back; look forward. Move on. You risk becoming weird and co-dependent by clinging so tightly...

  7. "Does he wonder if we could start over again"... Stop having sex with him and you'll be closer to that answer.

  8. Men sometimes are insensitive. It's because their brains are intertwined differently than the women's. I think you should take a break away from him because the more you see him the more you will want more of him. Make him suffer too by not seeing you and maybe he will miss you and look for you.