Saturday, 29 January 2011

Extravagent holiday

So in my mid break up anger/sadness I've decided that i'm going off on an extravagent holiday!

LAS VEGAS baby! Not for another 3 months but still it's LAS VEGAS! It's all booked and paid for now for the spending money - i've turned in to a bit of a recluse this weekend in an attempt to save money for this trip that I hope is going to be truly amazing :)

I've even put my designer shoes and handbags on Ebay - will be sad to see them go but it's part of my clear out of my old life - it's a great feeling that I don't have any memories of the old life i've so recently left behind.

I'd suggest this kind of therapy for anyone who's feeling a bit down at the moment :)

Just warn your bank first! Pics of Vegas to be added when i've finally experienced it - if anyone has any suggestion of where I should visit (where can I see hot young men prancing around in nothing..hehe) please comment and i'll be sure to share my experiences with all - hoping that i'll have some stories that will make good reading ;0) xx

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